Northeast Mediation

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1735 Central Ave.

Albany, NY 12205


1735 Central Ave. Albany NY 12205


Divorce doesn't have to tear the family apart.  Mediation allows you to settle your affairs with dignity.  It gives you the oppotunity to move on - knowning you made your own choices.  



Q. What are some of the benefits of a mediated divorce?

A. At Northeast Mediation a mediated divorce costs less, takes less time and is less painful.  Over 97% of divorces are settled by an agreement between the couple anyway.  So it just makes more sense than the old-fashioned, your-lawyer-can-deal-with-my-lawyer kind of divorce.  Northeast Mediation focuses on resolving your issues to allow both parties to move forward.



Q. How is mediation different?

A. It eliminates the aggressive bargaining and legal games.  You acknowledge your disapointment, but recognize the need for ongoing cooperation.  The neutral mediator helps you focus on the future - the issues that need to be resolved.  If one party is  a stronger negotiator, mediation helps balance the power.



Q. How does the mediator help the couple emotionally?

A. When couples express hurt, fear or anger, Northeast Mediation mediators will talk about the needs behind the feelings.  They reframe the issues to help the couple focus on a mutually acceptable solution.  Mediation supports the healing process.



Q. Does Mediation work for everyone?

A. No, but it works for most couples, and not just couples who already know how to cooperate.  Northeast Mediation mediators show people how to work together in spite of their anger.  It allows each party be able to speak freely and frankly about their needs.



Q. How long does mediation take and how much does it cost?

A.  A mediated divorce at Northeast Mediation usually takes between 5-15 hours.  Sessions are scheduled a week or two apart.  At Northeast Mediation, fees are based upon an hourly scale.  No retainer is required. Only pay for what you need and use.