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1735 Central Ave. Albany NY 12205

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Mediation .... Alternative Solutions for Difficult Situtations

Divorce can be an angry, destructive battle that leaves the family devastated - emotionally and finacially.  There is a better way.  A way to resculpt your lives and help prepare for your future focused on reinventing your new family.  A way for two adults who are no longer married to remain good parents to their children.  A way to divide what needs to be divided without a winner or a loser.  


Mediation is the answer.  It is the pro-family approach to divorce.  Northeast Mediation helps parents focus on helping their children through the process of divorce.  Northeast Mediation puts your goals first.


Maybe mediation is for you.  Northeast Mediation helps you and your family work for a better end.  If your question can not be answered here, please call us.  All calls are confidential.  


Call Northeast Mediation today to schedule your appointment.  518-690-0220

Divorce Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220 Divorce Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220 Divorce Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220 Mediation | Northeast Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220


Divorce can be extremely expensive.  No one wants to embark on a new road in life devestated by debt.  Northeast Mediation helps keep the costs of divorce down.  


Call us today to schedule your appointment at 518-690-0220