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1735 Central Ave. Albany NY 12205

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For too many couples, divorce is war.  An angry, destructive battle that leaves the family devastated - emotionally and financially.  There is a better way.  A way to resculpt your lives.. restruture and reinvent the family.  It is called mediation. The pro family approach to divorce.  For parents who know their children's interests must come first.  Northeast Mediation puts your goals first. Mediation is significantly more cost effective for families facing divorce.

Divorce Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220 Divorce Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220 Corporate Mediation | Albany NY | 518-609-0220 Corporate Mediation | Albany NY | 518-690-0220

Mediation is a way to divide what couples have with each other, not with lawyers.  Northeast Mediators help your family work to a better end.  

Many people have questions about divorce and mediation.  We aim to answer all of your questions and help you save money in the process.

Meet our mediators who strive to help you work through your difficult situations.  Our mediators are goal oriented and strive to find the best outcome possible.

Questions about Corporate Mediation and if it is right for your business?  Northeast Mediation focuses on making sure your goals are represented.